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"Engine Chief is professional & transparent in their processes. They have made selling my old trucks a hassle free experience! I highly recommend them!"
                        - Sahil Singh Pabby <br/>
                          Director, Fast Track Logistics <br/>
                          Large Fleet Operator (200+ Trucks)<br/>
                        <div>  Seller at <h8>Engine</h8> Chief</div></span> "The complete single window experience,  Engine Chief has revolutionized the my asset sale process!" <span>
                        <br/>- RK Singhal
                        <br/>  Director, Super India Logistics,<br/>  Delhi (100+ trucks)<br/>
                        <div>  Seller at <h8>Engine</h8> Chief </div></span> "Maine Engine Chief
                        ke maadhyam se truck lete wakt  pooree tarah se surakshit  mahasoos
                        kiya. Engine chief ke adhkarion ne poore procedure mein mujhe guide kiya aur
                        meri sab shankaon ka nivaran bhi kiya. Main  apane sabhee sahayogiyon
                        se Engine Chief  ki sifarish karta hoon. "
                        <span> <br/>- MD Rafi , Moradabad , U.P <br/>  Fleet Size: 4 Trucks <br/><div>  Buyer at <h8>Engine</h8> Chief </div></span> "Engine Chief truck khareedne
                        ke dauraan mere liye sampark ka ek bindu tha, mujhe bahut ache bahv mein sauda
                        mil gaya. Engine Chief  truck sale/purchase ke kaam mein bahut bada parivartan
                        le kar aaye hain. "<span> <br/>- Abhinandan Sharma<br/>  Fleet Operator, Patna, Bihar <br/> <div>  Buyer at <h8>Engine</h8> Chief</div></span> "Excellent Experience with Engine Chief! Not only did they help me find the best truck for my need, but also got me the best value deal!"<span><br/>- Rupinder Singh<br/>  Fleet Operator, Jaipur, Rajasthan <br/><div>  Buyer at <h8>Engine</h8> Chief</div></span> "इंजन चीफ की प्रक्रियाओं मे पारदर्शिता है | उनके द्वरा दी गई ट्रक की जानकारी बिल्कुल सही थी और ट्रक उसी के अनुसार था | परेशानी मुक्त अनुभव के लिए इंजन चीफ का उपयोग करे |"<span>
                        <br/>- Hansraj Sharma <br/>  Sangroor, Punjab <br/><div>  Buyer at <h8>Engine</h8> Chief</div> </span>

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Engine Chief

Engine Chief is a marketplace to discover and buy used trucks and other used commercial vehicles.

We enable the buyer to not only discover used trucks and used trailers but also hand hold the buyer through the entire process of buying used commercial vehicles.

Our 100% Inspection guarantee ensures that all details of used trailers, trucks and containers are accurately available to our buyers before making the purchase.

Various Types of trucks are available on the platform - From Used Open Body Trucks and Used Container Trucks to Used Tanker trucks. The website lists multiple variants across different OEMs - From 6 Tyre Tata 1613 & Ashok Leyland 1616 to 10 Tyre Tata 2518, Tata 2515 TC, Ashok Leyland 2214 and 12 Tyre Tata 3118 and Ashok Leyland 3116.

In short, Engine Chief is the One Stop Shop to discover, shortlist and buy used Trucks and other commercial vehicles.

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